Behind the camera.

Spot Reels began in the depths of the recession; we know how to survive (and flourish) in a changing business landscape. Our not so secret weapon is our passion for creating films that excite us as much as they wow our clients. But the film itself is only part of the process.

We'll always start with a question that goes something like 'Who are we making this film for?'. We know film. We know how it works, what impact it can have and how it can change people's views and perceptions. You know your product/service/message and together we make a powerful force.  Having a long term strategy for video content is essential and we can help shape this.

A website or campaign that doesn't include video content is almost unheard of today. But video for video's sake is probably worse than no video at all. We want to tell your story in pictures in a way that motivates you and compels your target audience. That's why we start our conversation with a question. The magic is in the planning. 


Who we are.

We're best described as a boutique video production company. That could be a covert way of saying there aren't that many of us. But that's exactly how we like it. Staying small allows us to maintain happy and productive working relationships with our clients. We think this is the way to go. And it shows in the amount of repeat business and referrals we get. We've yet to spend a penny advertising our own brand. 


The beating heart of the company is a group of individuals with many years' worth of useful experience in the film industry, broadcast journalism, sales and marketing, media regulation and education. We're creative, talented and hardworking but not superhuman so when additional expertise is required for a project, we've a pool of tried and trusted pros who regularly step into the fray for us.

Where we are.

This is almost a moot point as we're happy to go wherever work takes us. We're conveniently based close to Stansted Airport, just 45 minutes outside of London. So, if you're in a far flung part of the world with a burning desire to work with us, don't panic. I'm sure we can work something out. Just call.