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We like doing great work for charities. It keeps us grounded and happy. It's especially nice when you get the chance to create something for a smaller charity that, like so many other similar causes, struggles to be heard.

Kids in Need, (not to be confused with Children in Need), has been around for some thirty years quietly helping hundreds of unfortunate children with terminal illness and multiple disabilities by granting them 'wishes'. These can vary enormously and range from meeting personalities from the worlds of entertainment and sport, sponsoring holidays and purchasing toys and specially adapted learning aids and sensory equipment. They do their very best to try and make life just a little bit easier for the children in question - and their families.

We were chuffed to be asked to help the charity out by creating a video for airing at their annual high profile fundraiser. As happens sometimes with the work we do, getting involved in this project took us on a bit of an amazing journey. We got to meet some incredible people and hear their stories of anguish, triumph and everything in between. You could say it's a project that's stayed with us.

Whilst the video you see here had the desired effect on its audience at the fundraiser, we're currently in the process of introducing the Kids in Need team to the wonders of social media as a means of exploiting what we've created for them to increase public awareness of the charity and ensure future funding. Wish us all luck.

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