Public Awareness Campaign

We've thoroughly enjoyed creating a wide variety of video content for Wood Green, the Animals Charity during the past few years. However, we were especially thrilled to be handed the task of creating a series of videos for the charity's nationwide Pet Safety/Fireworks Awareness campaign ('Safe and Sound') in 2012.

We came up with a creative concept for the campaign's flagship video in addition to four animated informational videos and were given the responsibility of producing all five videos within a tight schedule and budget. We also managed a viral seeding campaign to ensure strong visibility of the flagship video to key target audiences in the run up to the UK firework season. 

All five videos were viewed some 20000 times on the charity's YouTube channel and website with healthy amounts of sharing via twitter and facebook along with some welcome celebrity endorsements. The series will be promoted every autumn for some years to come as part of Wood Green's remit to educate the general public on animal welfare and safety. In other words, a little video can go a long, long way!


Safe and Sound Campaign videos


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Public Awareness Campaign

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